Michael coordinates and facilitates conversations on a variety of subjects based on your interests. Recently asked about what to say at a wake to friends who have suffered the loss of a child. This couple’s question/interest led to a helpful conversation among 30 people, some of whom have experienced such loss.

On July 13, 2014, following the worship service, Michael will facilitate a conversation about recent decisions made at the PC( USA) General Assembly meeting in Detroit.  Several members are interested in the new definition of marriage and the financial divestment in Israel, thus, based on this expressed interest, we will gather and discuss.


One thought on “Conversations

  1. Host family needed for Kittatinny High School student!

    Meet Jose from Brazil, he will be arriving this January and I’m looking for a loving host family for him. He has been accepted at Kittatinny High School for the upcoming semester. He’ll arrive with his own spending money and health insurance and the 24/7 support of CIEE.

    Jose is a 16 year old. He is interested in a career in medicine, speaks Spanish, English and is learning Japanese. He is interested in joining chemistry, science or drama related activities. His English teacher states his strength as “responsible and English speaking abilities”.

    My name is Jose, but you can call me Anselmo. Also, you can call me by nicknames, like Ansel, Selmo… it’s by your preference. I was born and current living in Brazil. My father’s job requires moving a lot. Since I was a child I was constantly moving, and I lived in three different cities. By the fact that we moved a bunch of times, I had to make new friends and then I started being very social. Everybody says that I’m very kind and open minded, very sociable, talkative and love to make new friends. My purpose in the exchange program is to learn new things, new responsibilities, new cultures and new experiences. I’m able to face a new life style and have a lot of fun, an unforgettable experience. It is going to be such an amazing experience I hope you like me.

    Please inbox me to learn more about this exciting opportunity or call Holly 973-271-6166

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