Contact Us

1 Yellow Frame Road, Fredon, NJ 07860

973-383-5364, Church Office,
973-383-5652, Church fax
973-262-3152, for Michael Nelms, or at

Kathy Pittenger, Ministry Facilitator, is in the office Monday- Friday from 6:30-12:30. She may also be contacted at

Michael Nelms is available 24/7.

David Scott is the Director of Music: 973-222-4737
Barbara Cornwell is the treasurer,

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello Yellow Frame Church people! Early this morning I opened my garage door on Hopyard Road in East Haddam, Connecticut. On the ground I discovered a shredded red balloon with your tag attached. Your message from Galatians has travelled pretty far and is received with delight. Sending back love, joy, peace and faith to you all! Jean Callan King

  2. My name is Evelyn Gawron (Evy) and I was told to let you know that I could be put on your email list. thank you

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