Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey

As part of the national Presbyterian Church (USA), Yellow Frame is also part of a regional governing body called the Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey. This presbytery is the regional expression of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Northwest New Jersey.

The Presbytery supports and encourages the ministries and mission of all individual congregations as well as those shared collaboratively and cooperatively by clusters of congregations. Mission emphases include local endeavors in ministries of feeding and sheltering the poor and homeless, responding to disaster, interfaith relationships, and peacemaking as well as international mission with congregations and presbyteries in Nairobi and the Dominican Republic. Programmatic support might include topics like faith formation, youth ministry, spiritual development and stewardship.

The business of the Presbytery is conducted at Presbytery meetings held at various times throughout each year.

Johnsonburg Camp and Conference Center and Blair Academy are located within the bounds of the Presbytery.

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