If you are a member of The Yellow Frame Presbyterian you may present children for the Sacrament of Baptism, and it is part of the Session’s (not the clergy person: the Session consists of 12 church members elected by the congregation) responsibilities to approve all baptisms. In addition to members of Yellow Frame Church, any parent who is an active member of a Christian Church somewhere (regardless of denomination) may present a child for baptism here at Yellow Frame on behalf of their home church, and in such cases, Yellow Frame would celebrate the sacrament on behalf of that church, with the Session here at Yellow Frame obtaining permission from the parent’s home clergy person for Yellow Frame to do so (the name and phone number of that clergy person will be needed.) Being a member of a church is necessary as we believe baptism is about the parent(s) making a promise to teach the Christian Faith to the child, and to do so in the context of a local church, and with the local church also making a promise to help teach the faith to the child. In all cases, Baptism is not about making the child Christian, or “safe,” or loved by God. Each child is already loved by God. Baptism is primarily about the parental promise to teach and model the Christian faith to the child, and the congregation’s promise to help in that process.

For those parents who are not formally part of a Christian Church, but would consider becoming a member of Yellow Frame, the Session receives new members twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  The only condition for the Session receiving you as a new member is your regularly attending services for several months prior to your request to become a new member.  Some churches require “new member classes,” but we feel the best way for you to make an informed decision about what local church both challenges and comforts you in your spiritual journey is simply through being among us in worship and service, as opposed to sitting in a classroom nodding our heads at certain “facts.”

If you wish to request a baptism, please read the below and mail the request form to:

Session of Yellow Frame Church

1 Yellow Frame Rd.

Newton, NJ  07860


Request for the Sacrament of Baptism

We are delighted to hear of your desire to celebrate the sacrament of baptism.  During the sacrament, we celebrate God’s love for your child—a love that has been, is, and will be.  We do not make that love happen. It simply is, and we celebrate that reality.  We do not make a child “Christian.”  Only God can unite us with God’s self in Jesus the Lord.

Neither the church, nor any human, can make someone “Christian,” during the sacrament of baptism; nonetheless, you as parent(s) affirm your intention to live and teach your child the Christian faith in the context of the church community—where we believe God’s Spirit is active in Word and Sacrament to transform us and unite us with Christ. Also, during the sacrament, the church community promises to help you as parent(s) in the teaching and modeling of the Christian faith to your child.  Therefore, in order to affirm this intention, you have to be part of a church community, whether here at Yellow Frame or some other Christian (not just Presbyterian) church in the world.

Thus, the Sacrament of Baptism consists of these three things: (1) the celebration of the reality of God’s love made known in Jesus Christ; (2) the parental promise before God to live the Christian faith and to teach that faith to his/her child in the context of the church community; and (3) the congregation’s promise before God to help the parent(s) teach and model the Christian faith to your child.


I/we am/are a member(s) of ______________________________Church,



& I desire to have my/our child, _____________________________________________,

first name                  middle                                 last



to be baptized at The Yellow Frame Presbyterian Church on ___________________________.

date, mm/dd/year




Print your name(s)






Phone number




Child’s birth date and place of birth (i.e. Newton memorial Hospital, Newton, NJ)

All baptisms must be approved by the Session. The Session typically meets the third Wednesday of each month, with no meetings in July and August.




Comments & questions via web site not reviewed or accepted. Please see contact info & call or email directly.

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