Members of The Yellow Frame Presbyterian may present children for Baptism, and it is part of the Session’s responsibilities to approve all baptisms. Any parent who is an active member of a Christian Church somewhere (regardless of denomination), may present a child for baptism here at Yellow Frame, and in such cases, Yellow Frame would celebrate the sacrament on behalf of that church, with the teaching elder here at Yellow Frame obtaining permission from the parent’s clergy person for Yellow Frame to do so.

In all cases, Baptism is not about making the child Christian, or “safe,” or loved by God. Each child is already loved by God. Baptism is primarily about the parental promise to teach and model the Christian faith to the child, and the congregation’s promise to help in that process. This congregational promise is why being part of a church is essential to the Presbyterian understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.

For those parents who are not formally part of a Christian Church but who would like a church service wherein there is a celebration of the gift of life and God’s love, the teaching elder here at Yellow Frame may, with Session approval, may perform a service of celebration and dedication in the church sanctuary at a time other than the regular Sunday services.

If you wish to request a baptism or celebration of life, please email Michael at with the the parent’s names, child’s name, place and date of birth. Michael will forward on to the Session for their approval.

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