Michael is available to officiate weddings here at Yellow Frame Church.  Beginning in 2018, due to the enormous demands on his schedule, Michael will not officiate weddings at outside venues, including other venues in Sussex County, Warren County, as well as the Jersey Shore and New York. The one exception is March 10, 2018 which is a wedding Michael committed to in 2017.  Hence forward, Michael will only officiate weddings here at Yellow Frame Church.

For members of Yellow Frame, church wedding fees consist of $75.00 for the custodian and $175.00 for the organist. For non-members, there is an additional $250.00 fee for Michael’s services. All uses of church property, including weddings, are approved by the Session and generally require a couple of months notice for approval. Only birdseed can be thrown on church property, no rice please. The church sanctuary can seat 180 people comfortably and up to 220 squeezed in very tightly!

To request a wedding here at Yellow Frame Church, contact Michael at or 973-262-3152.

If you need Michael’s help in finding an officiant for your wedding at a location other than Yellow Frame Church, Michael will help you locate someone. Give him a call or email.  Thank you.

Comments & questions via web site not reviewed or accepted. Please see contact info & call or email directly.

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