Please note: The Yellow Frame Cemetery is a separate, distinct organization from the church. For cemetery information, contact Jim Hunt at 973-670-9615 or T.R. Shotwell at 973-903-5958.

Yellow Frame Church Sunday worship services are at 10:00 a.m. in person, and everyone is asked to please wear a face mask.  There is no church office staff during the week, but if needed, you can call the church office and leave a message, 973-383-5364, and someone will return your call within a day or two.  Please peruse this web site for more information about the church.

December 27, 2021

Dear Yellow Frame Community,

    With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, we have once again reviewed protocols and guidance.  We are compelled not by what we individually prefer but by what is the safest and wisest course of action for those most vulnerable among us, young children, those with underlying health conditions, and those who are the most “experienced” among us.  Given these things, please be aware of the following.


  1. We will continue, for now, to allow for in-person worship.
  2. Please do not attend church if you have symptoms of a cold and/or you do not feel well. Often people think they “just have a cold” only to find out a couple of days later it is COVID-19.  
  3. If you test positive for COVID-19 after having attended church, let Michael know so he can assist with contact tracing while also protecting your privacy.
  4.  Properly worn Facemasks are required of everyone regardless of vaccination status at all times in the church building, whether sharing joys and concerns, making an announcement, while singing in the choir, entering the church building during the week, attending a meeting, or performing work. The one exception will be the Sunday morning worship leader who may remove his/her mask when speaking from the pulpit. We have moved the pulpit farther away from the front row pews and farther away from the choir loft/organist.
  5. Even though you will be wearing a facemask inside the church building, it is recommended you try to maintain social distance from those outside your family or “bubble.” Whenever possible, consider sitting in a pew that has an empty pew both behind you as well as in front of you. With our small church, this is not going to be possible for everyone or all the time, but, again, whenever possible it is recommended.  
  6. Beginning Sunday, December 26, we will temporarily suspend congregational singing, and we will re-evaluate this in a few weeks. Though there will be no congregational singing, David Scott, Director of Music, will work with choir members, and they will make a decision on if/when there will be a choir or soloists/duets to provide vocal music. Singers will have the option of wearing their own face masks or face shields or face masks provided by the church.  

   Most of you will recall that back in the summer things were beginning to look positive, and the Session began conversations about creating a new administrative support position to be offered first to Kathy Pittenger, resuming coffee hour, ushers, regular Sunday School, and so much more.  By early September things began to turn worse again, though not nearly as bad as they are now, and those conversations were put on hold.  Again, about a month ago, some of us were beginning to think maybe come February these additional programs and activities could resume, and now, once again, there is a major turn downward, once again putting such conversations on hold.  At the moment, we are simply hoping we can continue in the limited way we are currently doing things, in-person worship with face masks and no congregational singing. As disappointed as we are, given that over 800,000 of our fellow Americans have died from COVID-19, including several Yellow Framers, our top priority is the safety and health of everyone, particularly the most vulnerable among us. 

   Some have asked about virtual services. Yes, if needed, we can return to recording worship services via the small, portable camera and tripod and then having the Yellow Frame I.T. department download that file, edit it, and upload to the church Youtube channel.  It is a time-consuming effort, but it is possible, and if needed, we will do so.  The new technology equipment that will allow for live-streaming in a much easier way was originally planned to be installed around mid-January. Recent conversations indicate that due to supply chain issues, it might be February.  We will keep you posted.  

                            The Session


church snow sky


Comments & questions via web site not reviewed or accepted. Please see contact info & call or email directly.

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